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WILMAPCO request for Shipley Road Pedestrian Project



This is my request to Wilmington Area Planning Council on the Transportation Improvement Program for fiscal years 2010 to 2013 in support of the Shipley Road Bike/Ped Planned Improvements Study Project.

The Shipley Road Pedestrian Project is described by DELDOT as a study project. Surveys conducted by DelDOT evidenced over 80% community support.

Interconnectivity between neighborhoods and various recreational and educational facilities had been identified as a desire within the community.

I urge continued funding of the planning study for Shipley Road, a two lane road with the "country feel" and no mostly shoulders. Based on community comments, the design should be meandering where possible to provide an aesthetically pleasing walk that contributes to the country feel of the roadway corridor. High visibility crosswalks should be provided across side streets and Shipley Road to make connections between housing developments and the proposed context sensitive designed pathways.

I urge continued support for funding construction of phase 1 of the Shipley Road context sensitive designed pathway from Weldin Road to the Rockwood Greenway. This link is the first of 4 proposed phases. Phase 2 would extend the Shipley Road pathway from Weldin Road to Wilson Road. Phase 3 & 4 would extend from Shipley Road along Baynard Boulevard and Weldin Road.

The Shipley Road Pedestrian Project should be viewed as a "Corridor Project". As such, additional phases linking Alapocas State Park via Weldin Road and Marsh Road via Baynard Boulevard should be included in the planning study.

The Shipley Road corridor now provides access to the following public amenities and destinations: Alapocas (Blue Ball) State Park, Talley Day County Park and Library, the future Talleyville Girls Softball League at the Old Mill Lane School site, Immaculate Heart of Mary School, Shipley Heights County Park, Rockwood County Park and the Northern Delaware Greenway. A safe and sensitively designed Shipley Road pathway is needed now more than ever. There are now many more desirable destinations for pedestrians. However, as traffic has increased, the challenge of designing a safe pathway along Shipley Road has also become even greater. Roads like Shipley Road, Grubb Road, Baynard Boulevard and Weldin Road still maintain much of their "country road" feeling. The pathways along these roads should be sensitively designed to reflect and enhance this "country road feel". As traffic has increased over the years, the general dangerous conditions have worsened for our school children and adults who would otherwise chose to walk or bike along these roads if only we could do so without endangering our lives and the lives of our children.

I have attached two prior essays in support of context sensitive designed pathways along Grubb Road and Shipley Road. Both of these projects emanated from the Brandywine Hundred Bike/Ped Study about five years ago. Shipley Road can serve as a safe commuter bike route as well as providing interconnectivity as between neighborhoods are various recreational and educational facilities. "Safe Routes to Schools" should be considered as a funding source.

Thank you for your consideration.


Robert S. Weiner
Council District 2, New Castle County, DE
Louis Hinkle, aide to Councilman Weiner 302-395-8362

View entire attachment in PDF format.

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Latest News:
  Walker's Bank deemed unsafe, will be demolished
  Councilman announces details of redevelopment at former AstraZeneca site
  We are not developers: Under new ownership the DuPont Country Club will emphasize community
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